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The production of a board game is a complex process with many details that have to be taken care of.

For many years disposes of the know-how of professional game production. On the one hand regarding our own publishing unit Mücke Spiele, on the other hand for external clients inside as well as outside the gaming industry or for private customers.

Issue Volume

While card games can be produced economically starting at a volume of 500 pieces, the production of board games requires usually a higher volume, mostly 1,000 pieces. Reason for this are the one-time costs for illustrations, marketing, new tools and the setup of machines. With higher volumes these fixed costs can be spread over more units.

Smaller print-runs can be realized using the different materials available in our shop. There you will find solutions for customized game boxes, game boards, playing cards etc.

Solutions at

1) Prototypes / Single games

In our shop a wide range of different game bits and pieces and other materials allow the creation of all kind of board and card games. Shapes of people, buildings, animals, transportation figures, stackable pieces. Matching tools such as blank dice, blank game boxes, blank game boards and fitting labels that can be used in common printers are available to realize individual ideas. Furthermore, pre-cut blank playing cards and different counter types on sheets for printers are available. In short: With a little handwork and some computer knowledge you can realise you game ideas easily.

2) Semi-professional games (small print-runs)

Individual components for board and card games e.g. game boards and game boxes can be produced economically only in larger quantities. The reason being the high expenditures and the time-consuming processes to adjust and prepare machines. In order to offer also solutions for these type of requests, we constantly are looking for affordable possibilities in a semi-professional area. We have set up different, standardised offers for small volumes for playing cards, counters, boxes and boards featuring a section individual.

3) Professional production

In the end, we also offer the complete production of games at the high-end level. This is possible (and economically sensible) starting with a volume of 1,000 copies (board games) or 500 copies (card games). As to the wishes of our customers, we take over the whole process or are confined to certain tasks in the production. The total costs are very much dependend on the type of game and the components included. To give you a clue, the production of 1,000 standardized board games will costs something between 8 to 15 EUR net per game; card games can be cheaper.

Here you will find a Checklist for your request

Additional services at beside the production of game or game componentns offers the following services:

  • Optimization of materials / costs reduction and related questions on materials
  • Improvement of game play and rules
  • Illustrations and design


In the following a few impressions of game, which we have realized fully or partly. More references you will find here.