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A game is created

Ideas for new games will pop up in different situations. Quite coincidentially or when effectively working on them

However, finetuning needs much time. Sometimes it takes years for an idea to come into frution.
Many idea get thrown overboard or will be worked on again years later.
In any case, it needs to be tested, changed, examined and then tested, changed, examined again..

Most authors want to see their games published and do not really have a financial interest - few live from the fees for their games.
There are three possibilities, to get a game to be published:
The classical way to find a publisher is per mail or during fairs. Due to the high number of new proposals, most ideas get a negative feedback.
If you take the risk and have some financial ressources, you want to think about your own publishing unit. However, founding a new enterprise needs much work as aspects like logistics, sales, marketing and bookkeeping have to be worked with.
If you do not want to take the financial risk, you can try to realise the game via crowdfunding to collect the needed money beforehand.

When starting the realisation, there are many things to do. An illustrator needs to design game parts, box and boards as well as find a concept for the rulebook.
There will always be questions and corrections slowing the process. The game materials need to be decided on and produced.
Only after all ths is done, the production of the complete game can begin. Also legal and sales aspects needs to be looked at.
And also it needs much marketing to get the game into the market.

The produced game will be presented as novelty on fairs.
Now it needs much effort to get the game known.
Print- and online material must be created, social media needs content.
Moreover, the games need to be stored and need to be send out to resellers and clients.

There are many awards, e.g. Game of the Year or the Deutschen Spielepreis

A game needs continous support. Sometimes parts are missing, sometimes questions on the rules pop up. Marketing needs to find new ideas.
Expansions and goodys will help to prolong the lifeline of a game.