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Dice are the major "gambling element" in board or card games. With a die, the "random factor" enters play, often decides the game and influences the possibilities a player has while playing. Furthermore, a die could be a marker (e.g. for victory points) or a pawn itself.

Dice exist in multiple variations and forms. Besides the common 6-sided dice there are 4-sided, 8-sided, 10-sided and 20-sided dice, additionally, there are special dice with more different numbers of sides. Also the imprint could vary in any way. In our Shop, you will find a huge choice of different types of dice:

Blank dice

Production of customized dice is only possible at higher volumes. Customized production for prototypes and small print-runs unfortunately is thus not possible. For such cases, we stock a choice of different blank dice and other types of customizable dice in our Shop.

Blank sides can be labeled with permanent or non-permanent markers or could be customized with suitable labels/stickers :

Customized dice

Customized dice can be produced either by labeling blank dice (see above) or in an individual production process - from a minimum quantity of 2,000 pieces (wood) or 10,000 pieces (plastic).

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Wooden dice

Wooden dice can be produced from a minimum quantity of 2,000 pieces/color and only 6-sided. We would produce your wooden dice with edge length 16 mm (Standard for board games), 18 mm and 20 mm by stamping.

One has to be aware that wood is a natural product, which cannot be reproduced precisely, meaning that dimensional deviations of +/- 0.5 mm are possible! Delivery time approx. 3-4 weeks.


  • dice 16mm with 1-5 and logo-stamping ~ 110 EUR / 1.000 (net) for 5.000 pieces exclusive of tool costs (~ 150 EUR)
  • dice 16mm with 6 special stampings ~ 100 EUR / 1.000 (net) for 20.000 pieces exclusive of tool costs(~ 1,000 EUR)
  • dice 18mm with 1-5 and logo-stamping ~ 240 EUR / 1.000 (net) for 5.000 pieces exclusive of tool costs (~ 150 EUR)
  • dice 20mm with 1-5 and logo-stamping ~ 260 EUR / 1.000 (net) for 5.000 pieces exclusive of tool costs (~ 150 EUR)
  • dice 20mm with 6 special stampings ~ 260 EUR / 1.000 (net) for 5.000 pieces exclusive of tool costs (~ 750 EUR)
  • dice 30mm with 6 special stampings ~ 680 EUR / 1.000 (net) for 5.000 pieces exclusive of tool costs (~ 750 EUR)

Plastic dice

Plastic dice are possible from a minimum quantity of 10,000 dice.

Beside "classical" 6-sided dice, we can also produce dice with 4, 8, 10, 12 or 20 sides. The standard size for a 6-sided die is 16 mm edge length. Larger dice with 18, 20, 22 and 36 mm edge length can also be produced.

Delivery time for customized plastic dice is approx 4-6 weeks.


  • dice 35mm with serigraphy 6 sides, one of them monochromatic ~ 0,46 EUR / piece (net) for 10,000 pieces
  • dice 12sided molded, 12 sides, ~ 0,35 EUR / piece (net) for 10,000 pieces plus tool costs ~ 2.000 EUR

Useful things around dice

In our Shop you will find useful things around dice:

Customized production services

You can develop your customized dice in cooperation with our illustrators and graphic designers. Just send a short sketch and description of your idea.

Quick-Check for your request

We would be happy to make an individual offer for your project. Please note the above mentioned specifications and minimum order volumes!

Please submit your request to: info@spielmaterial.de

Please indicate the following information in your request to help us with the compilation of your customized offer:

  • quantities
  • sizes (length, width, depth/thickness)
  • material
  • color(s)
  • (optional) imprint (monochromatic, polychromatic)
  • examples/pictures/photos
  • delivery time/deadlines (when do you need the goods?)
  • contact data and delivery address

Please note:

  • Over-/Underdelivery: 10 % Over-/Underdelivery possible due to production process.
  • Deposit: www.spielmaterial.de will define a deposit according to the degree of customization.
  • Right of withdrawal: customized products are not subject to the right of withdrawal. The client renounces his right of withdrawal when submitting the order for customized production.
  • Data: Graphical data must be supplied as PDF or in formats of current graphic programs such as "Corel Draw", "Photoshop" or "Illustrator". The client will receive a PDF-proof for approval.
  • Delivery: Pawns are delivered in a bulk delivery