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It does not have to be the "Game of the Year". You should be aware that there are many good games and ideas out there and that it will also need luck, relations and the right timing to have one's games published by one of the game publishers.

Powered by Mücke Spiele: Here you find detailed information on how we can support the development, production and marketing/sales of your game.

In general, there are two ways for marketing your games:

Distribution as key element

After some rejections, many authors begin to think of founding their own company and to do it all by themselves. In view of the technical developments, a product today can be much more easily be realized than some years ago. Also at smaller print-runs.

However, often the most critical point is that people tend to forget the selling strategy. One will be able to sell game at the big fairs, but what besides that? How to sell off the remaining copies? Unfortunately, there are many examples of private bankruptcies deriving from that problem.

So please think also of a realistic distribution marketing!

Support by

If you decide for your own publishing house, we can support you with the following tools:


Part of is a section wih games. Publishers that have produced their games with us or have bought components of these games from us can place such games free-of-charge there. If not, publishers can use our services by paying a commission.

Wholesaling / Spiel direkt e.G.

When deciding on your own publishing unit, our community of small publishers, Spiel direkt, is a perfect solution for you. Joining our co-operative is an easy and financial affordable way to start with distribution to retailers worldwide.

More details at



If you decide for your own publishing unit, please note that we also offer Fulfillment, meaning the logistics of distribution. You sell your game on your or external platforms, we store and send out the games. Our own storage and office is in Mönchengladbach, approx. 30 km from Düsseldorf/Germany.

See the example for a big game of 2 kg:

  • Shipping costs 4.80 EUR net per sending
  • Service fee 0.50 EUR net per order
  • pick fee 0.15 EUR net per game
  • shipping material 1.15 EUR net per sending
  • storage 5 EUR net / month per pallet