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Comic pawns.jpg

Game pieces are the core element of any board game. For some years now these are not only the traditional pawns, but also many other different types and shapes (meeples) - a lot of new games nowadays have their own shapes.

Wooden game pieces

Wooden game figures have a high optical and especially haptical appeal. Gamers like the use of wooden materials in games and associate a higher quality of the overall product. One has to be aware that wood is a natural product, which cannot be reproduced identically: One characteristic for example is the wood's grain, which can result in slightly different game pieces. Wooden game pieces are shaped or cut and subsequently colored with barrel finishing.


Geometrical shapes, people, animals, buildings or even transports - wood as raw material can be used in many different ways. You will find a huge choice of different wooden pawns in our shop Shop - devided amoung different categories (pawns, discs, cylinders, transports, people, buildings, goods, animals, etc.).

Customized production is possible from a minimum quantity of 2000 pieces per colour. Please be aware that the raw material is wood, that does not allow a high level of complexity, meaning that fine details cannot be produced. Depending on the pawns' type and size, the minimum order quantitiy could be higher - as we always have to respect a certain filling level of our colouring drums. Tool costs vary between 150 - 500 EUR, depending on the complexitiy of the figure. Generally speaking: the higher the level of complexitiy, the higher the price for production.

Delivery time for customized wooden pawns is approx 4-6 weeks. IMPORTANT: During the 3 last month before the trade fair "SPIEL" in October, delivery times could be longer! --- In case you need your pawns for that occasion, we recommend an early order.


  • Game piece Factory 25x15x10mm ~ 0,0453 EUR / piece(net) plus tool costs (~ 150 EUR) at a volume of 20.000 pieces
  • Game piece Hexagon 20x20x4mm ~ 0,0245 EUR / piece (net) plus tool costs (~ 150 EUR) at a volume of 15.000 pieces
  • Game piece Wheat 14x17x8mm ~ 0,0354 EUR / piece (net) plus tool costs (~ 150 EUR) at a volume of 20.000 pieces
  • Game piece Arrow 30x15x5mm ~ 0,0290 EUR / piece (net) plus tool costs (~ 450 EUR) at a volume of 30.000 pieces


We can produce your game pieces in the following colors:

Farbkarte.JPG   Colour swatch

Here, you can see our colour swatch with our colour numbers and corresponding Pantone/RAL colours for your orientation. Please note that with the raw material "wood", there could be slight differences in each production charge.

  • blue (number 51): Pantone 51c / RAL 5015
  • yellow (number 30): Pantone 109c / RAL 1021
  • red (number 42): Pantone 1795c / RAL 3020
  • green (number 62): Pantone 355c / RAL 6001
  • purple (number 47): Pantone 261c / RAL 4008
  • orange (number 37): Pantone 1585c / RAL 2011
  • white (number 11): Pantone --- / RAL 9001
  • black (number 20): Pantone --- / RAL 9017
  • brown (number 36): Pantone 478c / RAL 8015
  • grey (number 21): Pantone 414c / RAL 7030
  • pink (number 46): Pantone 204c / RAL 4003
  • Standard EN71 (72+73) and ISO 8124 apply to these colours. Customized colouring (e.g. bordeaux, gold, silver...) is possible. The mixing of a customized colour is charged with one-off payment 200 EUR.


    Quite popular are wooden pawns with individual embossing. A wooden disc or dice could be embossed one-sided or two-sided. Tool costs (for embossing stamp) are at approx 150.- EUR/image.


    • Disc 15x4mm with embossment one-sided ~ 0,0671 EUR / piece (net) plus tool costs (~ 150 EUR) at a volume of 7.000 pieces
    • Disc 15x4mm with embossment one-sided ~ 0,0536 EUR / piece (net) plus tool costs (~ 150 EUR) at a volume of 24.000 pieces
    • Disc 19x4mm with embossment one-sided ~ 0,098 EUR / piece (net) plus tool costs (~ 150 EUR) at a volume of 10.000 pieces
    • Disc 30x8mm with embossment one-sided ~ 0,125 EUR / piece (net) plus tool costs (~ 150 EUR) at a volume of 20.000 pieces
    • Disc 20x15x4mm with pad printing one-sided, one colour ~ 0,0247 EUR / piece (net) plus tool costs (~ 150 EUR) at a volume of 10.000 pieces
    • Game piece man 35x70x15mm with printing both sides, one colour ~ 0,4831 EUR / piece (net) plus tool costs (~ 700 EUR) at a volume of 6.000 pieces

    IMG 0092.jpg

    Plastic pawns

    Plastic pawns are produced in an injection-molding process, material is Polystyrol. We also offer pawns made from WPC (Wood Plastic Composite), a material-mix of wood and plastic also being used in the recyling processes.

    The injection-molding process differs significantly from wooden production and allows clearly more fine and detailed structures. However, tool costs are much higher here (between 2.500 EUR and 20.000 EUR), leading to the fact that the production is economially reasonable only for higher quantities. However, the injection-molding process allows the implementation of different types of pawns in one tool (e.g. a car, a person and a good in one mold/tool) which would reduce costs per unit/pawn.

    IMPORTANT: Plastic pawns can only be produced monochromatically  ! A diagram including dimensions is sufficient for simple pawns/structures, complex designs, however, would require 3-D informations (iges, step or STL).

    Price example:

    Set of knights (last pictures): Set with 10 figures with 4 cm height, foot part colored, 10.000 sets = 2,80 EUR net per set plus transport and import charges (production in China) plus tool costs 6.000 EUR net.

  • Spaceships 25 mm: 120.000 pieces in 6 colors (production in the Netherlands) = 0,03 EUR net per piece plus tool costs 1.800 EUR net.

    Cardboard figures

    As an alternative to wooden or plastic figures cardboard emerged as very cost effective. Be it regular cardboard or finn cardboard.

    Usually these receive a small plastic stand.

    Special Offers

    Some articles are on stock in large quantities , that we could offer at favourable prices. A list of products is shown here: special offers

    Customized production services

    You could develop your customized pawn in cooperation with our illustrators and graphic designers. Just send a short scetch and description of your idea.

    Quick-Check for your request

    We would be happy to submit an individual offer for your project. Please note the above mentioned specifications and minimum order volumes!

    Please submit your request to:

    Please indicate the following information in your request to help us with the compilation of your customized offer:

    • quantities
    • sizes (length, width, depth/thickness)
    • material
    • colour(s)
    • (optional) impring (monochromatic, polychromatic)
    • examples/pictures/photos
    • delivery time/deadlines (when do you need the goods?)
    • contact data and delivery address

    Please note:

    • Over-/Underdelivery: 10 % Over-/Underdelivery possible due to production process.
    • Deposit: will define a deposit according to the degree of customization.
    • Right of withdrawl: customized products are not subject to the right of withdrawl. The client renounces at his right of withdrawl when submitting the order for customized production.
    • Data: Graphic data must be supplied as PDF or in formats of current graphic programms such as "Corel Draw", "Photoshop" or "Illustrator". The client will receive a PDF-proof for approval.
    • Delivery: Pawns are deliverd in a bulk delivery