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Of course there is also creative help around the development of games that can be used. Here are some contacts you can use:

In our shop you will also find suitable literature for self-study :

  • Spieleentwickeln - The results of the Weilburger author meetings coming out every year with a different focus
  • The Art of Game Design - This book shows that the same basic psychological principles that work for board games, card and sports games, are the key to the development of high quality games.

You can find further information here:

Sind Sie mit Ihrem Spiel schon den Schritt weiter - das Spiel ist nach ihrer Meinung fertig - dann werden auf einmal andere Aspekte der Spieleentwicklung bedeutsam. Schauen Sie sich einmal diese Abschnitte an:

Are you ready with your game for the next step - you think your game is done - then suddenly other aspects of game development become significant. Take a look at these sections: