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Where can I find a suitable game parts ?

KAT 32 Restposten 2.JPG

We offer a wide range of various materials for the production of board and card games in our shop

We are always seeking for solutions that will enable our customers to realize individual games and short print runs. This includes products that you can customize yourself directly, such as:

  • blank boxes with stickers customizable by the printer
  • blank cards in different sizes for home printing
  • blank game boards in various sizes, to which A4-sized stickers can easily be attached
  • stickers that can be made by a home printer for specific wooden game pieces
  • blank dice, also with fitting s ebenfalls mit passenden stickers for your own design

On the other hand, we also offer 'cost-effective solutions for both semi- and professional production' for short print runs. In the section "I need ..." you will find solutions for: