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Harald Mücke has been chairman of the Spiele-Autoren-Zunft e.V. (the German game authors association) from to 2011-2013.


The SAZ was founded in Germany in 1991 and represents the specific interests of game designers in the public and to the publishers. The SAZ is a forum of joint activities. Although its main area of activity is Germany, the SAZ is also developing a more and more international character as the result of an increasing number of members from other countries. SAZ represents the interests of more than 450 authors in Germany and other countries.

Membership is open to anybody who supports the goals of the SAZ. Only those members who have published at least one game have voting rights – all other members are supporting members. However, members without any publication can also be granted the right to vote by the General Assembly if they apply for it and their membership has been in existence for at least one year.

Goals of the association:

  • The SAZ represents game designers' rights and interests. It promotes new game designers and advocates the strengthening of the cultural assets of games in society.
  • The SAZ advocates a clear definition and acknowledgment of intellectual property rights regarding games in general. Together with other cultural organizations, such as the German Initiative Urheberrecht, the SAZ also opposes any attempts to water down the principles of copyright law.
  • The SAZ advocates fair conditions in the utilization of intellectual property rights regarding games. It provides advice to members in contract matters – also with help from its legal adviser – and, if required, negotiates with publishers at home and abroad in order to achieve solutions in the game designers' interests.
  • The SAZ makes the creative faces behind the games better known. Almost every game has its author (designer). The public does not yet always perceive this in the desired manner. Therefore, the SAZ perseveres in getting publishers to clearly name the designers on the box covers, for example, and also welcomes additional forms of presentation and acknowledgment in all publications related to the respective game.
  • The SAZ advocates the strengthening of the cultural assets of games. That means, for example, equal treatment of games on the cultural scene, better acknowledgment of the importance of game playing for developing social and cultural competences, and equivalence to books, movies, theatre, and other cultural assets with regard to sales tax.
  • The SAZ supports a lively exchange of experiences and ideas among members – nationally and internationally. Regional meetings and our web forum are designed to provide an intensive exchange of experiences; in addition, workshops and other events are organized and supported.
  • The SAZ promotes new game designers. Even though game designers sometimes compete with one another, new creative blood is dear to our hearts. The cultural assets of games revolve around people. New members receive an advanced training voucher for selected workshops.