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You designed a game and want to present it to our publishing unit Mücke Spiele

In general you have to note that we at Mücke Spiele only develop games that derive from game author`s competitions, based on the competitions we run at We define a set of materials that the authors have to use, however, they can add what ever items they want.

More information on these competitions can be found on the Website.

Nevertheless, at Mücke Spiele we also publish unusual ideas e.g. our chess variant Schachen - a chess game without a board. Such unusal ideas offside the mainstream can be presented to mail-address. Please provide:

Presentation at other editors

There are several ways to present your games to other publishers:

Note: How do game authors participate from sales of a game?

Publishers and authors sign a contract on the game. The publishers receives the license to produce the game and market it in all possible ways. Game authors in return usually receive a license fee of 3% to 6% from the net sales.

An example: 20 € consumer price = 10 € net retailer price, from this 6% = 0.60 €.

The effective license fee depends on different factors, which have to be defined. More information on this in the (German) Leitfaden für Spieleerfinder.

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