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Playing cards are very often parts of game boards (and of course the one element of a card game). Cards can be used in many different ways, e.g. as an action element, as a marker, as money or goods, as overview cards etc.

Production here requires modern special machines of high quality. In order to protect their surface, the cards receive a special finish: A special and eco-friendly varnish protects the colour from abrasion, boosts the brilliance, improves the sliding of the cards and is dirt and water-repellent.



Sizes: Cards can be produced in any size, however, the following sizes have proved successful:

Structure: We differentiate between Simple cardboard and playing card cardboard. Cards made from playing card cardboard have a high quality sandwich construction of two layers of paper joined with a lightproof tack coat and graphite core so that no one can see through them. Ideal for professional card players. Cards made from simple cardboard do not have this graphic core.

Grammage: There are different weights and gauges of playing cards. The unit is in g/qm. Typical values are:

Simple cardboard("junior")

Playing card cardboard

Print: Monochromatic or polychromatic (4- colours) printing is possible, one-sided or two-sided, leading to the following options

Blank material

For small editions and prototypes an economic production often is impossible. Most expensive here are the preproduction costs (set-up and changeover costs for machines).

In our Shop you will find blank cards in different sizes and colours, that can be used for those purposes. The cards are produced professionally and are writable with special overhead markes and printable with special printers (e.g. Canon MX Serie, photo-printer).

In addition to that, we offer blank cards glued to DIN-A4 paper - A in both standard card sizes. Cards here are pre-cut and can be printed in PC-printers, 2-sided white, 200 gr/m².

Another sort of blank cards glued to DIN-A4 paper - B in both standard card sizes. The front side can be printed by every PC-printer, the back side is laminated and can only be printed by a laser printer. We also offer a version that can be printed on both sides. No one can see through the cards.

A third type of cards is on a DIN-A4 sheet and has a micro-perforation. The cards can be printed in all PC printers. After printing, cards can be pressed out and then have a slightly visible "nose" along the edges (from the micro-perforation).

Intersections to full-size print as well as templates for "Word" are available.

Bedruckbare Spielkarten für den Drucker

Printed cards

Printed cards

In our Shop you will find printed cards for various purposes, such as:

Customized Production

We will support you with your customized production of playing cards according to your specifications. The minimum volume is 500 card games. Costs/piece will decrease with increasing volumes, meaning that small editions are relatively expensive.


Packing options

For standard sizes, we offer different storage options in our Shop:

Professional card production allows you to order professionally printed cardboard boxes:

Miscellaneous around playing cards


Customized production services

You could develop your customized card game in cooperation with our illustrators and graphic designers. Just send a short sketch and description of your idea.

Quick-Check for your request

We would be happy to submit an individual offer for your project. Please note the above mentioned specifications and minimum order volumes!

Please submit your request to:

Please indicate the following information in your request to help us with the compilation of your customized offer:

Please note:

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