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You have developed a game, have built a prototype, but have not been successful in finding a publisher for it and only receive rejections?

Check by www.spielmaterial.de

www.spielmaterial.de over the years has built up the neccessary know-how to give your idea the required depth, to optimize the game play and to realize your project.

We can test and analyze your game in detail in different gaming groups and test constellations to learn about market potential, possible realization and of course playability and fun factor. Based on the results of our analysis, we provide proposals for the further development of your project.

Get into contact!

Powered by Mücke Spiele: Here you find detailed information on how we can support the development, production and marketing/sales of your game.

Some usual questions:

  • How can I protect my game idea? Is my proposal safe with you

Your idea is dealt with very confidentially. We can issue a confidentiality agreement if needed. However, you have to understand that there is no real protection against pirate copies. Please read more at Spieleautorenzunft.

  • Can I present my idea personally?

In general, it is possible to present your ideas personally, however, it is much more efficient to have general information on the game beforehand.

  • Will there be costs for an examination?

The examination of you idea needs working time. For our expertise on your idea, we ask for a small fee of 50 €.

  • In which form shall I send you my game proposal?

To get a first idea of the game, it is enough to send a short description, the rule and some photos. Please do not send us a prototype without us asking for it.

  • What is to be included in my sending?

Do not forget your complete contact data as well as any helpful additional information e.g. reviews, remarks from testing groups etc.

  • Can I send this via e-mail?

Yes, but please do not send huge mails without prior notice as they will not be received but deleted by the mail system.

Check by yourself

There are tools that allow you to check upon your ideas yourself:

  • Game author's meetings: In many cities there are meetings where game authors come together to discuss, check and improve their games. For contacts send us a mail.
  • The Art of Game Design: The book by Jesse Schell has many questions and proposals for checking on your games. There is an APP on this too (The Art of Game Design)