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common tips and info - printable products:

  • Work with CMYK colors (Cyan Magenta Yellow Key – Key is used for black)
    • Color variation (i.e. unwanted gradients) are more present when printing unicolored areas. It´s impossible to stop color variation, but it can be minimized
  • Pictures should feature a resolution of 300 dpi (or more)
  • Print files should be saved in Pdf Format
    • Psd, Jpg und Tif formats might work as well; those are known to be problematic more often, though
  • Texts should purely be black (CMY 0%, K 100%)
    • There can be exceptions, of course. important safety warnings can be red, for instance
  • When designing your printable products, be sure to include at least 3mm as bleed and margin in your design
    • Sometimes printable cards only need 2.5mm
  • A board game´s board often can be big enouggh to feature ridges or grooves to make the board foldable. Be sure to keep that in mind when designing your board


Bleed: This is the safety area just outside the cutting line. This area is neccessary to guarantee there are no white (or otherwise unicolored) borders after cutting the final product. (The exception is when you design your cards to have such a white or otherwise unicolored border.)

common bleed measures

  • Box: 18 mm
  • Tuck Box: 3 mm
  • Board: 18 mm
  • Cards: 3mm (sometimes 2,5 mm)
  • Tokens: 3 mm

Die Cut: this is the cutting line. No matter if it´s a board or token or card. Your product´s outline border will determine the die cut. When designing your work you can use visible die cuts, of course. however, for printing purposes the die cut has to be invisible/not present.

Margin: This is a small safety zone within the die cut. your design has to make sure infos, texts and pictures are clearly visible after cutting the final product. A margin of 2-3mm is common.