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In this section we gather questions about and help for various articles from the shop

  • C0045 and C0037, foldable boards: The foldable game boards can be personalized with A4-stickers. The boards are designed so that the sticker can overlap by 1 cm and so be folded around the edge. This is visually beautiful, and also means that you do not have to place it 100% precisely and it also reflects the fact that most printers may not fully print a sheet (i.e, an edge is created).
  • K0008a, Corner Puncher: The corner puncher cuts paper, thin cardboard and laminated paper. However, the wear of the punch with laminated paper is naturally higher than with normal paper. Therefore is not suitable for continuous use with laminated paper.

If you have any problems with items from the shop, that are not listed here or for which there is not enough assistance, then please send a message to