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Card game or board game - every game has its own and suitable game box. The box, not only being storage of the game, also is a major USP and sales argument. All the more, when there is no possibility of showing and explaining the game to potential customers and playing it with them.

In addition to that, there are legal and marketing related aspects connected to a game box: Retail sale requests an EAN-Code and a cellophane wrapping, an indication of the number of minimum and maximum players, playing time and players' minimum age. Legal aspects concentrate on batch number, CE-sign, Green Dot and warnings.

Blank boxes

In our Shop, we offer different sorts of blank boxes in different sizes and colors. Furthermore, we offer foldable boxes. These blank boxes can be customized with matching stickers for PC printers.

Customized game boxes

Small editions

From a minimum quantity of 10 boxes on, we can produce game boxes according to your designs. In our Customization area we offer three standard sizes in which customized production is possible also with small volumes:

  • Size 1: 310 x 220 x 35 mm for games with DinA4 content
  • Size 2: 220 x 160 x 65 mm for games with DinA5 content

    Prices can be found in our Shop in the section "Customized". Other sizes different to these standards are also possible in small volumes, however much more expensive. All small volumes are hand-made.

    Professional production

    A professional production is only possible from 500 boxes onwards. Price/pieces drop with higher volumes. Most expensive here are the pre-production costs (set-up and changeover costs for machines as well as the tool costs). We have a great pool of tools at your disposal, so that you have a considerable choice of different box types and sizes.


    • Box with Inlet 215x155x30x28mm, size 1mm, 115 gr. art print paper, 4/1-c, ~ 2.50 EUR (net) with 1,000 pieces, plus tool costs (~ 150 EUR)
    • Box 420x100x100mm, size 1,4mm, 135 gr. art print paper, 4/4-c, ~ 4.50 EUR (net) with 500 pieces plus tool costs (~ 250 EUR)

    Please note that you will have to provide printable data files and that it is possible that you will need a professional graphic designer!


    In our shop, you will find some cheap alternatives to customized game boxes, such as card boxes (plastic) or metal boxes.

    Customized production services

    You could develop your customized game boxes in cooperation with our illustrators and graphic designers. Just send a short sketch and description of your idea.

    printing info

    Please note the infos and hints on this page and be sure to look at printing-properties when designing your own game boxes or tuck boxes.


    We offer suitable inlets for the boxes in our web shop. In this way you can prevent the game material to scatter in the game box.

    Plastic inlets can only be produced in very high volumes, which is due to the very high tool costs. Furthermore, we prefer carton inlets for ecological reasons.

    Quick-Check for your request

    We would be happy to submit an individual offer for your project. Please note the above mentioned specifications and minimum order volumes!

    Please submit your request to:

    Please indicate the following information in your request to help us with the compilation of your customized offer:

    • quantities
    • Sizes
    • Print (1/0, 4/0, 4/1, 4/4-c), front and back
    • Inlet requested
    • examples/pictures/photos
    • delivery time/deadlines (when do you need the goods?)
    • contact data and delivery address

    Please note:

    • Over-/Underdelivery: 10 % Over-/Underdelivery possible due to production process.
    • Deposit: will define a deposit according to the degree of customization.
    • Right of withdrawal: customized products are not subject to the right of withdrawl. The client renounces at his right of withdrawal when submitting the order for customized production.
    • Data: Graphic data must be supplied as PDF or in formats of current graphic programs such as "Corel Draw", "Photoshop" or "Illustrator". The client will receive a PDF-proof for approval.
    • Delivery: Game boards will be delivered compiled in cardboard boxes.