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Game boards often are the central element of a board game. Here, all actions take place and relevant situations develop. There even might be several smaller additional game boards with big and complex strategy games.

Blank material

By using blank game boards you can easily produce your own foldable gameboard. In our Shop we offer several types of blank game boards. The game boards are made of hard cardboard, 2mm, laminated white on front and back. They are available in these sizes:

Those blank game boards can be customized by using DIN-A4 stickers. They fit on the game boards in the way that the stickers can have a remaining 1 cm-margin for folding back. That's because most of the PC-printers do not print full-bleed print - and the remaining white rim can be folded to the back.

This is how it works:


Customized production

Small editions

Game boards are produced on big machines in high runs. Pre-production costs such as set-up and changeover costs for machines are very high and small editions on that machines are impossible. In order to be able to produce also small editions, we have developed some standard blank game boards. The production of such customized game boards is possible from 10 pieces onwards and is hand-crafted.

Those game boards are made from 1,5mm cardboard, laminated on both sides with 4-c linen paper or coated wood free (with your graphics!), and non-bleeded. The game boards can be produced with or without a fold. Folds are always centerfolds, either to 1/2 size or to 1/4 size. The fold is reinforced by an adhesive tape.

Hand-made production, slight variations possible. Delivery time is 4-6 weeks.

Editions > 500 pieces

From 500 pieces on, professional production is possible. Nearly all types and sizes are possible. Increasing quantities lead to decreasing prices - meaning that small editions result in a higher unit price.


  • Game board 410x410mm, foldable to 205x205mm, 2mm cardboard with 135gr Coated woodfree , 1/1-c~ 3.40 EUR / piece (net) with 1,500 pieces
  • Game board 410x410mm, foldable to 205x205mm, 2mm cardboard with 135gr Coated woodfree, 4/4-c~ 3.60 EUR / piece (net) with 1,500 pieces
  • Game board 450x450mm, foldable to 225x225mm, 2mm cardboard with 130gr Coated woodfree, 4/4-c~ 2.00 EUR / piece (net) with 500 pieces
  • Game board 450x450mm, foldable to 225x225mm, 2mm cardboard with 130gr Coated woodfree, 4/4-c~ 1.80 EUR / piece (net) with 1,000 pieces
  • Game board 600x600mm, foldable to 300x300mm, 2mm cardboard with 100gr Linen paper, 4/4-c~ 3.50 EUR / piece (net) with 2,000 pieces

Alternative: pre-printed game boards

In our range of products, you will find game boards with a more or less neutral print which allows to use them for various games. A sample of these is the double-sided game board with squares and hexagons.

Plan8-01.jpg Plan8-02.jpg

The game board size is 400x400 mm, 4x foldable, with imprinted 13 x 13 squares (size 28x28 mm) on one side and imprinted 10x9 hexagons (23 mm base line) on the other side. In addition, there is a victory point track (0-50) going around the edge.


We recommend the following software for game board graphics (Freeware):

  • PosteRazor: Graphic files can be divided into printable parts with overlapping zones.
  • HexDraw: For the development of game boards with hexagon patterns.

Customized production services

You can develop your customized game boards in cooperation with our illustrators and graphic designers. Just send a short sketch and description of your idea.

Printable boards

Please note the hints and infos on this page when designing your own game board. there´s more info to be found about printing-properties.

Quick-Check for your request

We would be happy to submit an individual offer for your project. Please note the above mentioned specifications and minimum order volumes!

Please submit your request to:

Please indicate the following information in your request to help us with the compilation of your customized offer:

  • quantities
  • Sizes, fold (non, foldable, double; Final size (open) and folded size)
  • Print (1/0, 4/0, 4/1, 4/4-c)
  • material
  • examples/pictures/photos
  • delivery time/deadlines (when do you need the goods?)
  • contact data and delivery address

Please note:

  • Over-/Underdelivery: 10 % Over-/Underdelivery possible due to production process.
  • Deposit: will define a deposit according to the degree of customization.
  • Right of withdrawal: customized products are not subject to the right of withdrawl. The client renounces at his right of withdrawal when submitting the order for customized production.
  • Data: Graphical data must be supplied as PDF or in formats of current graphic programs such as "Corel Draw", "Photoshop" or "Illustrator". The client will receive a PDF-proof for approval.
  • Delivery: Game boards will be delivered compiled in cardboard boxes.