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We are happy to assist you in developing your game idea. Since every game project has its peculiarities, it would be helpful if you would provide us with the following information when contacting us:

  • Status of development: idea developed, prototype built, tested prototype, presented to publishers, self-produced, small run
  • Own goals: publication, making money, self-publishing
  • Game Type: children's game, family game, for casual gamers, for frequent players
  • Age: suitability for which age
  • Duration: total and per player
  • Players: with the note "best playable with X people"
  • Material: standard or unusual material, amount of material
  • Theme: fixed or variable
  • Other: contacts, marketing strategies, implementation ideas, investment possible / desired

and of course a short description and photos / sketches of the game.

Based on this information we can then provide specific help and present solutions. Note that this is a chargable service. Contact address

We recommend the special literature available in the shop of (e.g. The art of Game-Design).