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Counters are often used items in board games and usually are made of cardboard. They are used as marker, as game board or player tableaus. Many types and shapes can be found.

The production of such cardboard pieces is done with 800gr. cardboard covered with paper on both sides, which is printed with water-based colors. Since the counters have to be punched from the tableau, costs for the cutting tool is to be considered. If this tool has to be specifically produced, quite relevant costs occur.

Blank counters

For small volumes and prototypes this will be to expansive. You will find in our Shop, section counters a large selection of different counter shapes and sizes that can be used to customize your games. These blank counters can be pasted or painted with your design.

We also have developed a kind of in-between solution. Prefabricated counters on release paper can be used in common printers. However, to be usable for such printers, the thickness of such counters is limited (200 gr/m²).

Printable counters for printers

Printed counters

Pre-printed counters

Counters are often used to create landscapes. We have produced several motifs with different landscapes and buildings that can be bought in our Shop as well as some other types with more often used imprints..

Customized production

A complete customized production is possible upwards from a volume of 500 tableaus - not single pieces. For example: we can produce 100 square counters with 25x25 mm spread on a DinA3-sized tableau, which makes 50,000 single counters on 500 tableaus.

In case we print your counter on a tableau with other counters together, the minimum amount is 2,00 pieces.

To receive a detailed offer, please send your request (with number of counters and shapes) to


  • Countertableau 185x185mm with 24 hexagons 4/1-colored on 2,000 tableaus ~ 1.50 EUR / piece (net)
  • Countertableau 185x185mm with 24 hexagons 4/1-colored on 4.000 tableaus ~ 1.20 EUR / piece (net)
  • Countertableau 215x110mm with 8 squares 4/1-colored on 2.000 tableaus ~1.00 EUR / piece (net)
  • Countertableau 215x110mm with 8 squares 4/1-colored on 4.000 tableaus ~0.70 EUR / piece (net)
  • Countertableau with 64 squares50x50mm 4/4-colored on 1.000 tableaus ~3.50 EUR / piece (net)

Additional Services on counter production

Together with our illustrators, we can work out fitting graphics/design for your counters. A rough draft and description will be enough to work with.

Be sure to take note of the hints and infos on this page when designing your own tokens and counter. Have a look on the printing-properties page.

Quick-Check for your request

We will gladly prepare a detailed offer for your project. Please note the before mentioned restrictions based on volumes!

Send your request to:

The following information is helpful for working out an offer:

  • volume
  • format/size
  • print (1/0, 4/0, 4/1, 4/4-colored)
  • examples, sketches
  • delivery time(when are the pieces needed)
  • address- and contact data

Please note:

  • Over-/Underdelivery: 10 % Over-/Underdelivery possible due to production process.
  • Deposit: will define a deposit according to the degree of customization.
  • Right of withdrawal: customized products are not subject to the right of withdrawal. The client renounces at his right of withdrawal when submitting the order for customized production.
  • Data: Graphical data must be supplied as PDF or in formats of current graphic programs such as "Corel Draw", "Photoshop" or "Illustrator". The client will receive a PDF-proof for approval.
  • Delivery: Counters will be delivered either as bulk items or still in the tableau